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Monkey Butt Heaven

  Ttrailridermagrail Rider Magazine "Monkey Butt Heaven"   clarionHow do you feel about long trail rides? No, I mean long trail rides; like maybe 1400 miles worth and more on the way. Mississippi resident, Sam Correro certainly likes it, and he's got a roll chart to prove it. "I've got the roll chart saved on my word processor," he drawled over the phone to us, late last fall. "It must be several hundred yards long by now, I'm not really sure. I do know it helps if I have three or four roll-charts on my bars." What Sam's talking about is an off-road route he's mapped out and roll-charted, reaching from the Alabama/Mississippi state line all the way to Colorado. Sam has chosen the route carefully, using gravel roads, dirt roads, logging roads, riverbeds, single-track trail, railroad grades and very little pavement. "There might be some pavement where I have to jump off for supplies or a motel, but I've tried to avoid it." Sam admitted that the course would probably be best suited to a dual-sport motorcycle, for the sake of legality and comfort, and a big engine (650cc) along with the biggest gas tank you could find would probably be a great idea.

"This course runs through parts of the United States that most people have never seen, have never dreamed of". ~Sam Correro

Down south here there are places like the deepest jungle, you've never seen anything like it. It is really beautiful."The good part is, Sam isn't interested in keeping his trail to himself. He'd like to find some people interested in riding it, and he'd also like help finishing the last two stages-Alabama to Georgia and the Atlantic Ocean, and Colorado to the Pacific. He's trying to talk Trail Rider into giving it a go this spring, and we may just go down and ride a section or two.

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~Sam Correro

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