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Reviews from Riders

  Comments from riders who have completed the Trans-Am Trail...  
Hi Sam, I received the last of 2 DVD's from Michael today. I watched the TAT DVD last night, looks like a fantastic adventure. I have only heard great review about the Trans-Am Trail and the roll charts and maps you produced. It's a fantastic adventure you've created and we want to take advantage.

— Finn H. Warwick, New York

Sam, I just want to say how much I enjoyed the trip through Tennessee I took last fall. I'm really looking forward to next part of the journey.

— Dave Zelkowski, Davisburg, Michigan

Sam, I did the Eastern side of the Trans-Am Trail late June - July. Atl - Trinidad then the Shadow of the RockiesThe maps and roll charts worked perfectly. I was able to travel without any issues for navigation and was able to enjoy the ride and experience. Thanks again. I am planning on doing the Trinidad to Oregon trail this summer.

— Mike Watson, USA

My wife and I really enjoyed riding Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas last year. Many thanks for putting this together. Enclosed, please find my order for Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado.

— Bill Thomas, North Carolina

We just completed the western leg of the TAT (Trinidad to Oregon coast). I just wanted to say thank you! Really had fun and wanted to thank you for doing it! As time went on we got better and better at following your instructions, and getting around problems that came up. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT ADVENTURE!

— Jerry Baker, Tracy, California

That was the GREATEST RIDE EVER - can't thank YOU enough! for all the hard work that went into development of the TAT. As we road the trail, I kept saying "how'd he do this?!?". The best thing any true dirt-bike rider must DO. The next ride on my list is the Shadow of the Rockies! -Thanks"

— Dave Eureka, California

We did the TN section last week and while sections of TN had been paved, as your maps indicated, it was still a great ride. We had plenty of gravel and the paved sections were one lane farm to market type roads for the most part. This route had some gravel sections that were prepared for pavement this summer or sooner. However, if this entire section should eventually be paved... it still would be the most scenic ride across TN that I have ever experienced... and I thought I'd ridden about every TN route, since I grew up in the state. I certainly got more than my money's worth.

— Tony, Tennessee

Sam, I am amazed and impressed with the accuracy of your TAT Maps and Roll Charts.  Your roll charts accurate down to the smallest fraction of a mile. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Sam, for an AMAZING adventure I'll never forget!"

— Michael Murray,

I just completed the Jellico Tennessee to New Mexico/Colorado border portion of the trip on my XR650L and looking forward to completing the rest of the trail next year. I am amazed at what you have accomplished!!! Great job my friend!!!

— Peyton Stamper, North Carolina

Sam, I think you did a Yeomen's job in even completing this task.  The mileages were spot-on. Things change over time and that is to be expected. My experience has been that the people who do this sort of trip are well aware that things are not going to be perfect... enough said."

— John Alkema, California

Sam, Thanks for the maps and roll charts. We had a great ride from Trinidad Colorado to Battle Mt. Nevada. A fantastic route with a bit of everything and great overnight stops. There was much discussion about leaving the bikes in the US and returning to ride all 4,000-miles west to east. Thanks for a fantastic holiday.

— Pete, Fraser and Reuben, United Kingdom

Hi Sam, I got back from completing the trip on Saturday and it was everything I had hoped for. Thanks for a wonderful trip. I appreciate the huge effort it must have been to this all together.

— Ron Currie, United Kingdom

Sam, Completed the AR section today. It was great. Your roll charts were great and flawless. Thanks for all your hard work on them. Now I need more maps to plan future rides.

— Kim Wormingtom, Missouri

Sam, Just a quick note to say thanks for putting the time and effort into creating the Trans-America Trail... The countryside was beautiful with the trail leading me to places completely off the beaten track. The water crossing in Tennessee sure was slippery!"

— Mark Bell, United Kingdom

My father and I had a once-in-a lifetime adventure riding on the Trans-America Trail. Without Sam's guidance and assistance, the trip would not have been possible for us. Sam really helped bring it all together.

— JP Flagler, USA

Thank you Sam. I kept pinching myself, yes, I was really living my dream. This is exactly what I wanted to do for over 20 years. I had a wonderful ride. Sam, thank you for making it all possible. Over 4,000 miles of dirt, in two weeks on the Trans-America Trail. This is a serious adventure, come prepared, and ready to ride a lot each day. I will forever be grateful to you Sam.

— Gary Whisman, Indiana

Thanks for a wonderful couple of days of exceptional riding on the Trans-America Trail. What a rare luxury to be able to just experience the adrenaline and the motorcycle and the wonderful Mississippi back roads and never have to consider the route or make decisions about stops and other issues. Thanks, Sam, for shouldering the burden of leader.

— Gary Howsley, Texas

My 18 year old son and I rode the Tennessee portion of the Trans-America Trail over the past two days - it was amazing! The roads are magnificent and the roll chart is perfect. Once again, you've done an excellent job laying out the trail. I hope to ride it all some day!

— Brian Slark, Alabama

The weekend in the Ozarks on the Trans-America Trail was the highlight of my coast-to-coast ride - Sam's roll charts and maps make riding the trail a worry-free and fun experience!

— Anke Irmscher, New York

I purchased your entire kit to begin my around-the-world journey. What an adventure! The trip across country on the Trans-America Trail was exactly as promised. We did it end to end.

— Chris & Spice, Atlanta, Georgia

Sam, I got the Trans-America Trail maps. What can I say... AWESOME job! I was feeling a bit anxious about doing this myself, but with all your personal notations, I almost feel like you along for the ride. Thanks again... you've taken a lot of the "pre-stress" out of the trip.

— George Scheben, USA

Sam, the maps arrived in good order, and I am REALLY impressed! My current plans are to leave Denver this Sunday, aiming to arrive in Cookeville, TN on Tuesday, where I will have some new Pirelli's mounted, and then off to the trail-head. Again, a terrific job on the maps.

— Jerry Berryman, Colorado