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GPS for the Trans-Am Trail


Maps | Roll-Charts | GPS is a registered and protected internet domain. Please help us keep our integrity and our ability to grow and add new dual-sport motorcycle routes. Updates and improvement are always on-going. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution is a killer.   Please read and understand (from Garmin website):
"It is the user's responsibility to use Garmin products in a prudent way. The product is intended to be used only as a travel-aid, and must not be used for any purpose requiring precise measurement of DIRECTION, DISTANCE, LOCATION or TOPOGRAPHY. Please keep this in mind as you use and enjoy."
  TransAmericaTrail LLC has the responsibility to deliver the rider in a Garmin Database (.qdb file) via email. It is the responsibility of the rider to download the .qdb file into their GPS unit. GPS info is a Track, not a Route, and is sent to the rider via email. The rider must have MapSource® or BaseCamp™ (a free download from Garmin) loaded into their computer to open the file, and then download the file into their Garmin unit.
"I use GPS and I love it, but I never go out riding without maps/roll charts as a mode of navigation." ~Sam Correro
All states are from border-to-border, across the state. No track is over 500 way-points (poi). A free GPS test file may be requested if needed.  

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