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Trans-America Trail Ride Reports


Shown below are a collection of ride reports submitted by individuals and groups who have completed all or parts of the Trans-America Trail. Read along and learn about the Trans-Am Trail from a variety of people and from a variety of perspectives.

As you read the rider reports regarding the Trans-Am Trail, you will see several references to crossing private land. As the course has evolved, however, I have found many ways to avoid those private properties. Today, the entire trip can be made without venturing off publicly available roads. This eliminates a potential stress for those using my maps and does not jeopardize my project. Trust me, you won’t miss the private sections. It’s still one great trip!

—Sam Correro



Stat-reports-thumbnail-scottcott Brady Rides the Trans-America Trail
By Scott Brady of Overland Journal

If I mentioned to you that I had just ridden 5,000 miles across a country, mostly on remote, dirt tracks, with sparse fuel availability and simple accommodations, you would likely think my adventure had taken me through a country in Africa, or the remote deserts of Australia. In reality, this remote, rugged and challenging adventure is available right here in the continental United States, the Trans-America Trail…
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tat-has-something-for-every-riderSomething for Everyone
By Andrew Sarakatsannis (aka, “Kyryder”)

Riding Sam Correro’s Trans-America Trail was a no-hassle, easy navigating, good time that should be experienced by all riders, from the new rider to the hardened pro. The Trans-America Trail has something for everyone…
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Yyoutube-trans-am-trailouTube Trans-Am Trail Video
By Justin Brady

I just put together a video on and thought you might have interest in it. Maybe there’s a way to put it in your ride reports section of the website. Thanks for the inspiration…
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michael-murray-films-the-trans-am-trailFilming the Trans-Am Trail
By Michael Murray
(Cameraman for the Road Less Traveled motorcycle documentary)

I suppose getting ready for riding the 5,000 mile Trans-America Trail was just like any other riding group getting ready… any group that is, that brings along a Film Director, a Producer, a Director of Photography and a Cameraman with several bike-cams setup on his bike…
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carla-kings-rides-the-tatCarla King Rides Colorado
By Sam Correro

A motorcycle can do wonders. This group of riders were drawn together to share their love for adventure and their love for motorcycles…
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mississippi-hill-country-trailMississippi Hill Country Ride
By Luke Bartkiewicz

I learned about Sam’s site while researching items to make my XR650L more of an adventure tourer. Sam had a route extending from near Jackson, MS to Batesville, MS, about 130 miles as the crow flies…
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Trchris-jones-rides-the-tatials and Tribulations
By Chris & Spice Jones
June 2003

Chris and I left Atlanta on June 17th 2003 to begin the Trans-Am Trail – A trail of dirt roads that starts in Tennessee and ends in Oregon at the Pacific Coast. It took six weeks to complete…
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a-woman-on-the-trans-am-trailA Woman on the Trans-America Trail
By Anke Irmscher

When I started riding a motorcycle years ago in Germany, you would take any bike on any road surface – pavement, dirt, gravel sand, cobble stones, you name it. Now everything is very specialized…
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thre-brits-and-their-bikesThree Brits and Their Bikes
by David Lomax

We set off at 7:00 a.m. and Sam rode the first 100 miles with us. The navigation went really well and although a lot of Day 1’s route had been tarmac’d (paved) the scenery was excellent…
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steve-cole-and-friends-ride-the-tatSteve Cole and Friends
By Dave Dunn

When Steve Cole asked Dave Dunn, Jim Smythe, Dana Slater, Mike Casey and Dick Young to do a 5,000-mile dirt bike ridge, the only reservation they had was “Will that be too much of a good thing?”…
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mississippi-hill-countryMississippi Hill Country
By Robert E. Lee

The weather couldn’t have been better, with the first day’s temps staying in the high 50’s. As we made our way north, we rode past interesting old outback of Mississippi. The first day’s accomplishments included 240 miles of dirt roads…
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three-weeks-on-the-tatThree Weeks in June
By John and Trisha Clement

I’ve just finished a major tune on my wife’s Yamaha XT225 and I’m ready to order parts for my Honda XR400R. Minor damage considering the events of the trip. I’ve decided to describe the impressions and milestones of the trip, rather than just doing a ‘day-by-day’ accounting…
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trans-am-trail-2000Trans-America Trail 2000: Off-road Across the USA
By Russell Fisher

Despite the fact I came across Sam Correro’s website ( roughly eight months ago, the decision to jump wasn’t really taken until a couple of months ago. So it’s taken… ummm, two months to prepare for this…
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ms-to-ok-on-the-tatMississippi to Oklahoma on the Trans-America Trail
By Robert Flagler

My son and I have set a goal of riding every inch of the Trans-America Trail created by Sam Correro. In 1997, my son, J P, left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, riding a Honda XL 650…
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utah-five-daysUtah Five Days
By Sam Correro

Southeastern Utah, let’s drop a few names here. Hite Marina, Blanding, Monticello, LaSal, Moab, Thompson, Green River, Salina and Richfield, Utah. Riding a Dual Sport bike here could only mean two things…
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arkansas-dual-sportArkansas Dual Sport
By John Clements

I can think of no better way to spend a vacation than taking a scenic tour on a motorcycle. I have a passion for riding. Touring, Sport Touring, Dual-Sport Touring, (Gold Wing, V64 Saber, XR400) I love it all…
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tat-millennium-rideTrans-America Trail… Millennium Ride
By Sam Correro

A 5-day, 1200 mile off-pavement motorcycle ride. This was an adventure that began in Lake City, Colorado with overnights in Blanding, Green River and Monticello, Utah and Ouray, Colorado and back to Lake City, Colorado…
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