Receiving and Delivery Times for GPS Tracks

There is a sharp increase of riders entering GPS navigation.

For some users, it is the first time and they are on a learning curve of understanding all the steps of receiving and downloading the tracks into their device. This can be a cause for frustration. My GPS tracks are GPX and will download into any device that has the capability to accept tracks.

The tracks can be ordered 2 different ways:
1- Delivered via email to your computer/ device. You must have an app loaded to open, read, edit, or transfer. There are several apps available like MapSource and BaseCamp (both free), just to name a couple.

2- MicroSD card. Sam personally loads each order on the card, then goes back in to make sure the tracks are loaded correctly. Again, the GPX tracks on the card will open into any device that has the capability to accept tracks.

Now the bottom line is:
If you are not sure or if this is your first time, Please ask for a FREE TEST TRACK via EMAIL. Or if you want a TEST TRACK on a MicroSD card, it is $15 (cost of card plus postage). This will save a lot of frustration.

*Delivery for GPS tracks is 1 to 2 days (via email)
**Delivery for MicroSD cards is 5 to 7 days through USPS with tracking