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The Trans-Am Trail

(An Epic 5,000-mile Dual-Sport Motorcycle Adventure Across America)


The Trans-Am Trail

The Trans-America Trail (AKA: “The TAT”)


The official website of the Trans-Am Trail and the exclusive source for Maps, Roll-Charts, and GPS Tracks to navigate the Trans-Am Trail (The “TAT“), the Shadow of the Rockies Trail, the Mississippi Hill Country Trail, and the NEW Lake Hill Motors – East Loop trails).

About Sam

Ever dreamed of traveling cross-country on your motorcycle, seeing sights you’d never see from a car, and meeting great people along the way?

Sam Correro

Sam Correro

Hi, I’m Sam Correro. For years I passionately pursued my goal of charting a coast-to-coast, off-pavement motorcycle adventure. I studied reams of maps and surveyed thousands of miles to create what I believe is one great trip.


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  • Jay Leno Introduces the Trans-America Trail


Jay Leno Introduces the Trans-Am Trail

On his amazing odyssey across America driving only dirt roads, European correspondent Jeremy Hart stops to visit Morgan Freeman, James “Super Chikan” Johnson and a real live caveman…

click below to watch the video…




Hi Sam, it’s been two years since John and I road the complete TAT. That was the GREATEST RIDE EVER! Can’t thank YOU enough for all the hard work that went into development of the TAT. As we road the trail, I kept saying “how’d he do this?!?”. The best thing any true dirt-bike rider MUST DO. The next ride on my list is the Shadow of the Rockies! Thanks!

Greatest Ride Ever

— Dave Eureka, CA