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The Trans-Am Trail

(An Epic 5,000-mile Dual-Sport Motorcycle Adventure Across America)


The Trans-Am Trail

The Trans-America Trail (AKA: “The TAT”)


The official website of the and the exclusive source for Maps, Roll-Charts, and GPS Tracks to navigate the Trail (The “TAT”), the Shadow of the Rockies Trail, the Mississippi Hill Country Trail, and the NEW Lake Hill Motors – East and West Loop trails).

About Sam

Ever dreamed of traveling cross-country on your motorcycle, seeing sights you’d never see from a car, and meeting great people along the way?

Sam Correro

Sam Correro

Hi, I’m Sam Correro. For years I passionately pursued my goal of charting a coast-to-coast, off-pavement motorcycle adventure. I studied reams of maps and surveyed thousands of miles to create what I believe is one great trip.


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  • Jay Leno Introduces the Trans-America Trail


Jay Leno Introduces the Trans-Am Trail

On his amazing odyssey across America driving only dirt roads, European correspondent Jeremy Hart stops to visit Morgan Freeman, James “Super Chikan” Johnson and a real live caveman…

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Thank you Sam. I kept pinching myself, yes, I was really living my dream. This is exactly what I wanted to do for over 20 years.


I had a wonderful ride. Sam, thank you for making it all possible. Over 2,000 miles of dirt, in two weeks on the Trans-America Trail. This is a serious adventure. I will forever be grateful to you Sam.

Living My Dream

— Gary Whisman, Indiana