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Ever dreamed of traveling cross-country on your motorcycle, seeing sights you’d never see from a car, and meeting great people along the way?

Sam Correro

Sam Correro

Hi, I’m Sam Correro. For years I passionately pursued my goal of charting a coast-to-coast, off-pavement motorcycle adventure. I studied reams of maps and surveyed thousands of miles to create what I believe is one great trip. Over time, I began to realize that a lot of people share my interests.

This motorcycle adventure across America on the Trans-America Trail is NOT a single-track tight woods ride. It is a route using dirt roads, gravel roads, jeep roads, forest roads and farm roads. Dropping down into dried-up creek beds. Riding atop abandoned railroad grades.

There are sections of mud, sand, snow and rocks.
This Trail is not for everyone – it takes a rider with a “quest for adventure”
and a special “love” for a motorcycle.
It’s all of the above, but it’s for the Dual-Sport Rider.


The purpose of this web site is to make people aware of a helpful resource for planning this off-road cross-country trip on the “Trans-America Trail“, the “Shadow of the Rockies Trail“, and the “Mississippi Hill Country Trail“. Here you will find all you will need to make your journey cross-country, including detailed roll charts and supporting maps. All of the sections now have GPS way-points that have been added to the new and improved roll charts. Also there is a map of the intersection between the two trails on the new and improved maps and roll-charts.


Sam Correro
Riding the Trans-America Trail
(video footage courtesy of Unseen Voices Production)


The Dual-Sport motorcycle rider now has two more choices of rides: The Shadow of the Rockies Trail is a Mexico-to-Canada ride, that starts just east of El Paso, Texas (very close to the Mexico border). This ride is north bound and follows in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. I started mapping this route in August, 2003. I plan to have the TAT-Maps available by the fall of 2007 (if all goes well). The first several hundred miles of Shadow of the Rockies Trail have proven to be another true adventure on the motorcycle. The two Trails will cross in southern Colorado, just southeast of Trinidad (click here to order). The Mississippi Hill Country Trail is a 1-day out-and-back dual-sport adventure ride (north-bound). And soon maps and roll charts will be available for a second-day of riding (south-bound, return) making the ride a 2-day loop (click here to order). For additional information about each of the great dual-sport rides, please see my FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions), or if you have additional questions, you may contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions not listed on the FAQ page. ~Sam Correro - Creator of the Trans-America Trail    

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