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Colorado is a truly beautiful section, starting in Trinidad, CO and ending in Monticello, Utah. You begin with a gradual climb up to the Continental Divide, crossing the Marshall Pass at 10,847 feet. You’ll find a great photo op around every bend of the road.

Motels, gas, and food are not a problem and each is identified on the maps. Salida/ Poncha Springs might be an overnight stay with comfortable motels and good food. If you have the time, turn North on 285 at Poncha Springs, then West on #162 and go to the mining settlement of St. Elmo. This stop will be well worth your half-day side trip!

On the Western side of the Divide is Lake City, CO, a must-stop overnight. Then you’ll head up to Cinnamon Pass, Animas Forks, and California Pass. Now you need to come back down, and Corkscrew will do that. You do need good brakes here and just control your speed. If you need food, gas, or a motel, then Silverton is just South on hwy #550. Then, back up to the rocky Ophir Pass at 11,743 feet. Head back down again, making your way to Monticello, UT. Be sure to enjoy the one-of-a-kind scenery in Colorado and ride safe.

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