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After you ride the first 3 miles of MS, it’s on to Sharpes Bottom, a 10-mile section of a red clay dirt road winding though pine trees. If it is a wet day, expect slipping and sliding. Just slow down on this section.

MS is very rural with roads everywhere. The travel is a good mixture of back country pavement, hard-packed gravel, and some dirt-based roads mixed in with some Forest Service roads and Jeep roads. The state is laced with the Kudzu plant- it’s everywhere.

When you get into Holly Springs National Forest, depending on the time of year, the kudzu will completely cover the road and you may have to pick your way to stay in the middle of the road.
Mississippi also has a large population of deer, so keep a keen eye. The deer can run out from the trees and be in front of you in the blink of an eye.

The one-store community of Paris, MS is a good gas stop with good hamburgers and the locals are very friendly.

If you plan to camp, once again, MS is very rural and has its share of snakes and mosquitoes, just as many other states. There is plenty of good camping, just be careful where you stake your tent.

Traveling the last miles, you are approaching the Mississippi River and the Isle of Capri Casino with motel (pricey on weekends) and food.

Cross the river and you’re in Arkansas.

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