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Oklahoma starts in Westville, OK. The first 100 miles is part of the Ozark Mountain foothills, with short rolling hills and dirt based roads. At Bartlesville, the countryside opens up and soon becomes open range. Most of the roads are on a one-mile grid with an intersection at each and every mile. Most of the intersections here do not have a stop sign, so be very careful of crossing traffic. On a dry and clear day, you can see the dust from an approaching car a half-mile away.

There are several “TAT Stops” with welcome signs on the road. If you are using my maps, all of them are marked with names and phone numbers. These people invite you in for a stop or help if needed. Oklahoma is a fun section with fast, open roads. It’s “open range” so be very careful of the livestock, as they will be on the road, and give them respect. Watch your fuel supply along the way and enjoy the pan-handle. If you are caught in a rain storm, you will have miles and miles of sloppy, difficult to traverse, mud. In this scenario, find pavement heading west and bail out.
Oklahoma ends just west of Boise City at the New Mexico state line.

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