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The West Loop is a two day package ride with a total of about 400 miles (200 per day). The rider may start from Corinth, MS at Lake Hill Motors Honda/ Yamaha dealership and ride to Batesville, MS. Alternatively, you can start in Batesville, MS and ride to Corinth, MS.

Lake Hill Motors is tent and RV friendly and will provide safe and free parking for your tow vehicle. Several motels in Batesville will provide parking for your tow vehicle, but make arrangements first.

Gas stops are not a problem with several C-stores on the route. If you can make it to Paris, MS (mm #153.98), you’ll find a good country store with gas and good hamburgers.

Riding the loop in both directions is fun and enjoyable. The Holly Springs National Forest, with its ground cover of kudzu and beautiful pine trees is a joy, but be careful here. Mississippi has its share of ticks and they love the pine straw cover. Also watch for the deer and other wildlife, which can ruin your trip if you hit one of them. Sometimes they just come out from nowhere and they are fast.

There isn’t much water crossing on the loop, but dust as well as mud can be a problem. Enjoy, have fun, and ride with care.

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